Due to its trilateral extension of prospecting and conducting business in North America, starting in 2020, “CAPPY” will operate according to the rules applicable by the new Free Trade Agreement (T-MEC), between Mexico, the United States of North America and Canada .


CAPPY", It is also identified in Europe, Asia and Latin America by free trade and takes advantage of what is derived from the Bilateral Free Trade Agreements that Mexico maintains with various countries; relationships that allow you to constantly prospect and incorporate technology, Marketing strategies and alternatives that you recommend to your business prospects.

Respectful of the particularity of the way of buying and selling of each country, “CAPPY” observes the guidelines of the treaties that Mexico has concluded, or in process, of global trade activities.



Due to its internalization, and in countries with which Mexico does not have an agreement, or commercial or investment treaty, “CAPPY” respects its form of operation and according to its own work ethic, operational legality and agreements, as well as the instructions to be agreed, in accordance with international standards.

For projects outside of Mexico, due to its originality, “CAPPY” plans development according to the country to be developed, as well as the time to execute it, and or to the degree of technical, financial and operational particularity; either with associates or through a service provision contract or under the concept of virtual company.

“cappy” fructifica la alternativa expuesta la que le permite concursar por su propio derecho, o bien


CAPPY" bears fruit for the best-selected alternative, or the one that allows you to compete in your own right, either for the specific work contracted.
 Providing prospects, national and foreign, sales activities and or goods and services, either for tenders or contracts and direct awards.