“CAPPY”, as a representative of "Grand Bahamas Shipyard, Ltd", (Freeport, Bahamas, UK), offers availability to assist, in the coordination of the analysis of the work that requires the maintenance, repair and / or updating of the vessels, and offshore platforms. outside the varied maritime sector. For which he requests that he be provided with the list of required works, as well as a copy of the plans of the marine equipment.
"GBSL", as a specialized and internationally recognized facility, guarantees the realization, in accordance with standards, of works, repairs, maintenance, updating, incorporation of technology, reconversion and finishes of a wide range of vessels, barges and offshore platforms; for what you request, you will be provided with the probable start and end date of the repair of the equipment.

"CAPPY" complements its assistance, availability and total cooperation to contribute, likewise to solve the complexity of special requests, certification, requirement according to the date contemplated.