“CAPPY” participates in the prospecting and negotiation of investment contributions, foreign or national, for working capital, financing, or specific credits in favor of prospects who request their experience. In the location of its concepts, either as such, or as shareholding, the experience and participation of “CAPPY” is an indisputable advantage


For unmatched strength, “CAPPY” offers the strategy by which you plan, or adapt and incorporate, an innovative set of original and unique ideas and concepts.

"CAPPY", designs and conceives with originality, publications, broadcasts, market penetration analysis techniques; and o scalable studies to innovate in time to meet the tangible needs of associates and customers. Likewise, the successful commercialization of excellence within the market and under the colloquial scheme known as Project
 "Tailor Made Suit".

Strength that makes “CAPPY” a leader in trade, guaranteeing that its performance is one of the best results, which will ensure satisfaction and renewed attractive ideas every day.



“CAPPY” thanks to the synergy of its collaborators as an importer and exporter of volumetric commerce
(in bulk), gives special attention to handling quickly, including containers. Incorporating import and export of goods and products, which are specifically requested, these include raw materials and finished products.

Of special attention is the promptness of “CAPPY” for handling urgent parcels that are requested, which are handled as direct actor.



Upon request, he acts as a temporary external advisor,
"OUT SOURCING" for the benefit of customers
they don't have the trained staff to handle
this line.