The abilities of “CAPPY”, in the financial market, enable it to consider the alternative of participating confidentially, on behalf of its clients, with Financial, Credit, Investment Companies of Shareholding and before Venture Capital Firms, the planning of the possibility to sensitize the request for financial support, credit processing, shareholding, reconsideration and debt renegotiation.

       Under a specific function, as an evaluator of planned and adventure programming, "CAPPY" focuses on the financial sustainability of the project, identifying and detecting for each case, the financial sustainability first and the potential of the projects.

   In support of businesses operating “CAPPY” analyzes the Financial Statements of the last 3 years of the company, plus the partial of the past year, in order to calculate and balance the success of the potential of each project, colloquially a “Tailored Suit ”And in the most convenient type of currency that fits financial support.


“CAPPY”  act as Agent,  the benefit of third parties, the support that prospects claim to be willing, both the private sector and the public sector, require.

The "CAPPY" relationships in the Money Market area enable it to identify and propose to exchange financial assets whose common denominator has a defined repayment term.

   The alternatives of financial support, either of resources to elaborate projects or for developments to be constructed “The Sky is the Limit”; since in its exploration the possibilities of providing support for short, medium and long term are considered