“CAPPY”, as an active participant in the protection of the Environment and Ecology, is a creator and executor of Clean Development Mechanism projects, particularly those of control and use of “BIOGAS”.

Greenhouse Gas and harmful effect derived from the anaerobic degradation of organic matter confined in Sanitary Landfills of Urban Solid Waste, Open Dumps of garbage, Wastewater Treatment Plants and or in Leachate Treatment Plants

Since 2015, “CAPPY”, for the benefit of its clients, has located obtaining financial support for investment in the adaptation of technology to comply with regulations and thus avoid the release of biogas into the atmosphere, especially Methane (CH4 ), which aggravates the theory of Climate Change.

“CAPPY” has borne fruit the participation of Investment and Venture Capital firms from Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as entities that provide economic sustainability support for the design of plants for the destruction of GHGs, with the option of the capitalization of tCO2e, valued in the World Stock Market as Renewable Energy Certificates.



Processes in which "CAPPY", in Mexico, abides by the provisions of the "Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources", and abroad, adheres to what is dictated by the authorities of the corresponding country.

In all cases, the projects are carried out with the advice of international firms for the approval and audit of design engineering and that the operation fulfills the benefit to the community.

The capital gain from this participation also provides the confinement operator with laterally producing electrical or thermal energy, through a generator (internal combustion engine or turbine) that capitalizes on the use of biogas to select, through filtration, Methane (CH4) and as fuel take advantage of the generation of renewable electrical energy to be used in self-supply and / or be commercialized.

Methane (CH4), as a renewable fuel obtained, is used in internal combustion engines of vehicle fleets, as indicated below: