CAPPY”,maintains the scoop of selecting the acceptance of partners to collectively collaborate with those who meet the ethical and commercial profile defined to participate in Socially Responsible Companies.

For the performance and development select firms that protect and safeguard the environment, giving the individuality and protection of the legal framework regardless of creed, ideology, origin, nationality, political particularity, age, gender identity and respecting sexual preferences and it is appreciated to promote activities for the benefit of people of different abilities.

 Invaluable portfolio of linking and efficiency of knowledge that allows “CAPPY” to carry out the execution of Projects, previously not considered, being with this a great challenge to overcome, but not impossible to carry out. Reality of use of own knowledge that bear fruit with the action of assembling work teams backed by its network of associates, nationals and foreigners.

Satisfaction to our customers for the way personnel work for the dominance of execution, under the name of “PROJECT ASSOCIATES”

Under this type of association "CAPPY" remains united as direct responsible, according to the contractual legality of defined priorities, to immediately attend the work areas where it is requested